Our Philosophy


Establishing a society free from all forms of exploitation, where every child has a secure childhood and enough resources to become a healthy individual, where its women live free from gender-based violence in all walks of life and the youth is guided by the feelings of togetherness and entrepreneurship.


It is our belief that informed knowledge is the key to bring social change, and not by limiting it into the hands of few. We believe in collective efforts and democratic leadership wherein the participation of underprivileged and marginalized sections of society can be ensured.


  • Protection, promotion and support of all forms of human rights.
  • Ensuring hundred percent infant survival rate, hunger and malnourishment free childhood.
  • Ensuring quality education for children, and hundred percent school enrolment.
  • Ensuring abuse free society for children, women and weaker sections of the society.
  • Supporting inclusiveness of women and youth in creating livelihoods and sustainable economic development.
  • Assisting socially excluded and deprived communities to seek social justice. 
  • Ensuring clean water, sanitation, proper hygiene standards among all members of community.
  • Ensuring proper health standards, timely vaccinations among children and women and raising awareness regarding stigmatised diseases.
  • Developing the capacities of community-based organizations/groups to sustain self-development and initiate income generation activities.

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