1. With State Government

With the beginning of Lockdown various suggestions, letters, emails, IGRS, and twits, were sent to Hon’ble Chief Minister, other ministers and senior officers for the relief and prevention of Coronavirus. In many cases, prompt actions and policy decisions were taken.

2. With UP State Commission for Protection of Child Rights

In order to share various problems of children and adolescent girls, a webinar was organized in order to have a dialogue with Smt Jaya Singh, an Hon’ble member of the SCPCR. A detailed report in this regard was sent to her, and it was followed up through a letter on Child marriage too.

3. With District Administration

Migrants in Varanasi city were being quarantined directly in their homes instead of the community buildings. The SRF team recognised the menace and raised the question how people living in tin shades and slums could maintain the protocol of home quarantine or isolation, while they themselves do not have the proper space to live in their homes. It was detrimental to their own health apart from being hazardous to others who happened to come into contact with them. It was leading to social distancing and community conflict as they were unable to make for a separate arrangement due to their sudden return. The administration was, therefore, requested that all the migrants coming from outside should be kept in government facilities with the entire process for 14 days, meeting their basic needs outside, and, then allowing them to stay with their families in their homes.

4. With Women Welfare Department

In context of the Child Marriage, Child abuse and domestic violence during the lockdown period, dialogue was initiated with the District Probation Officer. Discussion was also held with Child Protection Officer to avail the ration and other facilities for 10 children selected under sponsorship scheme. Taking up the matter seriously, relief material was provided to the families of 10 sponsored children. On request of the District Probation Officer, kits comprising of the materials of child interest were distributed in Government Children Home (Boys), Government Observation Home (Boys) and Government Old Age Home.

5. With Child Welfare Committee (CWC)

Due care was taken of children in shelter homes, quarantine centers, etc. There were communications to provide for quarantine arrangement under special protocols to the children found to be lost from outside during COVID-19 Pandemic. The Open Shelter Home run by this organization in collaboration with the Department of Women’s Welfare is being operated as quarantine centre for the destitute children of 11-18 years.

6. With Police Department

During the lockdown, there was talks with the police department on issue of child marriage, child abuse and domestic violence. It was assisted in community policing too.

7. With Department of Education

Recommendations were done to the BSA for the re-enrollment of 189 dropouts and the children who had never been to school. A list was prepared and handed over to them. Lives of the poor people have been completely cut off from the education. Option of online education was merely an empty formality of the department of education. As soon as we came to know that enrollments were being done online, coordinating with the headmasters and the Basic Education Officer and adhering to the norms of social distancing, children residing in vicinity of schools were called in schools, and after their enrollments text books were also given to them.

8. With Department of Health

Lobbying with the department of health was also done in order to provide emergency support to patients found to be suffering from diseases other than COVID-19. Essential items such as PPE Kits, masks and sanitizers were also distributed to them.

9. With Department of Labour

There was lobbying with department of labour on the issues pertaining to the interest of the migrant laborers, Baal shram Vidyadhan Yojana and other government schemes.

10. With Nagar Nigam and Deptt of Labour in Context of Migrant Workers

A list of 88 migrant families under project coverage area in Varanasi district and 700 families in Bhadohi District has been handed over to District administration for further action.

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