Unfortunately, many of the things our children need, are not provided by the programs. Food, clean water, medicine and protection are four critical areas of human rights foundations, where we must ask your for your help.

Sponsorship creates a unique relationship between you and your sponsored child. When you become SRF’s Child Sponsor, you will be credited for making change in the life of a child and contributing into his/hers future. By donating you can create a long-lasting impact that extends child's family, and the community at large.

You can donate to help us in our four key issues:

Child marriage

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In Uttar Pradesh, child marriage is not accepted as societal issue at first place. Establishing child marriage as a matter of concern is the first step taken by our organisation. For that matter we engage in fact-based liasoning, conservations and continuous interface with the various key stakeholders and public officials.

To address and challenge the presented issues, there is a requirement for developing a campaign which would speak in a language of the community, taking into account it’s sensitivities and demand. We have started a model campaign in collaboration with religious leaders, answering religious connotations, and questions that arise from within the community at large.

As religion and traditions are the key factors influencing child marriages, we undertake inter-faith dialogues with the local religious leaders. Workshops are being conducted on district levels with the community members and leaders. It is our belief that when leaders will change, then only the society will be affected, and the movement will permeate through the roots.

Secondly, we have linked over 100 survivors in our campaign, and prepared their testimonies. We try to assist them according to their needs, and also have put them in mainstreaming processes. Through this process many victims have become “pillars of strength” and are now taking the campaign “1 step 2 stop child marriage” forward. In addition, we have stopped more than 20 child marriages in Uttar Pradesh by direct intervention and identified more than 100 families where child marriage could be a possibility. We are constantly working to stop such families by continuously monitoring and empowering them.

Raising awareness among people is the key methodology of SRF interventions. For the same, a Mobile Child Marriage Kiosk has been provided at various venues which informs the members of society on the impacts on child marriage. Another methodology of awareness spreading is conduction of meetings under the name of “Aap Beeti”, where the survivors themselves came forward and disclosed what they have gone through in their married life. Through these series of meetings stakeholders from all spectrums were provided real understanding about the sensitivities of the cause.

We have done stakeholder mapping to assist in our campaign, and selected stakeholders from all levels of hierarchy, from the very grassroot level to the state levels. It includes Anganwadi, Asha, Parshad, Gram Pradhan at the very beginning of the campaign, while at district levels we have child-marriage protection officer, religious leaders and others. Similarly, liasoning is done with the state level agencies to provide insights and support in the campaign.

On the level of policy, 4 district of Varanasi Division have been selected, Child Protection Officer, JJB, CWC, ICPS Staff, have been trained on Child Marriage Act. And follow-up workshop is also done on the kind of difficulties they face, through the medium of learning and sharing. On state level and national there is child marriage act but there are no rules or SOP.

Although, the studies and reports suggests that education helps in empowering children and communities to change their outlook towards child-marriage, and also statistics suggests the decline in child-marriage as result of linking children towards education. Today, the society has accepted education as a fundamental right, it goes without saying that we need different ways to target this issue. According to UNCRC, Article 42, it is important for the adults to know about the rights of the children, similarly to Article 19, which emphasizes on the duty of adults around children to protect them from all forms of abuse. Lastly, Article 18 explicitly declares roles and responsibility of parents and immediate adults surrounding children and ensuring them from protection. Therefore, it is important to empower duty bearers and along with rights holders, as the rights holders are not in position of responsibility and empowerment, and they are vulnerable to take actions on marriage. It is important to develop that consciousness among the adults, and emphasize their responsibilities towards wellbeing of a child.

According to our experience on fields and a study done by Young Lives Organisation, parents whose aspirations for educating their girl are lower, are twice more likely to marry their girl before she turns 18. Most marriage happens in 12 to 16 years old, even if we promote education and awareness among the children, it cannot be said that the child is sufficient enough to retaliate the marriage, so for that reason children’s strengthening is necessary, but more so of the adults around them. Rights holders claim their rights whereas duty bearers should fulfill their obligations.

We appeal all of you to contribute in cash or kind to provide relief to the suffering humanity during this most tragic incident history. You are most welcome, if willing to volunteer, as a doctor or counselor. Your contribution shall be utilized in a very transparent manner and we assure you to revert even a single penny, back to you in the form of the breathings of the suffering humanity. Donation to the organization is exempted under section 80(G) of Income Tax Act.

Donors in India can directly transfer their donation to the following bank account:

Indian Bank
Kashi Vidyapeeth University Branch
Varanasi (U.P)
Account No: 210 458 718 11
IFSC Code:  IDIB000K619

Overseas donors can directtly transfer their donations to the followign bank account:

State Bank of India
Parliament Street Branch
New Delhi
Account No: 400 835 769 43
IFSC Code: SBIN0000691
Swift Code: SBININBB104

For donating supplies, please reach out to us:

Rajeev Kumar Singh
General Secretary & Chief Executive
Dr. Shambhunath Singh Research Foundation (SRF)
C-14/160, B-2, Dr. Shambhunath Singh Marg
Sonia, Varanasi-221010 (U.P.)
Mobile: +91-9415204049 / Tel: 0542-2414161
Email ID : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website : http://www.srf.org.in/

Scaling Up

  1. Establishing dialogues against Gender discrimination
  2. Ensuring linkages in Secondary Education
  3. Target urban slum and rural households
  4. Scaling up of inter-faith dialogue meetings and establishing among religious leaders
  5. Engaging young men and boys to stand up against child-marriage
  6. Developing collaborations with CBOs and other functionaries
  7. Facilitating law-enforcement through capacity building of legal stakeholders
  8. Strengthening children and youth groups to stand up against child-marriages:To create sustainable change, it is important to empower the potential future victims
  9. Mobilizing Families and Communities
  10. Providing Services to child marriage survivors, such as counseling, access to legal support, need based rehabilitation services
  11. Building awareness against practices dowry
  12. Increasing our intervention from Chandauli, Ghazipur, Varanasi, Mirzapur and Bhadohi to other districts with higher rates of child-marriage
  13. Advocating for establishing child marriage rules and Standard Operation


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